Our new series at The Journey Community is called Follow Me and will be exploring what it looks like to really follow Jesus.

Kim Cecil spoke this morning about the call of Jesus as the “lover of my soul.”


I know, I know…immature.

She used Song of Songs 3:1-4 as her reference.  It’s actually a beautiful passage.

But, I’ll just go ahead and say that it’s totally strange (for me) to view Jesus as a lover and to pursue Him as such.  I don’t care if you’re a man or a woman; it’s weird.  That said, we must not miss the meaning of this metaphor.  We mustn’t miss the message because of our (my) unease with mixing sexual metaphors with theological ideas.  Those of us who have experienced the pursuit of a lover and the results thereof can understand what God is doing here.  There’s a closeness in intimacy that is surpassed by nothing.  There’s a joy and excitement within the tangle of lovers.  The desire for our lover is immense and when we have him/her we can scarcely let go.

Does this closeness, joy and excitement mark my relationship with Jesus?  Is there a spark there?  Does my desire to be with Him make all other desires pale in comparison?

If not…why?