Future health and home…

Ryan’s official speaking page is getting a complete makeover and is on the way soon!

And the best thing is that I’ll be feeling so much better. In the past few days I’ve read a few articles that talk about being healthy and I found the best website were I read an article.

There are several ways to lose weight, and difficulty comes in the fact that everyone is different, and that there are a bunch of fake methods out there. Hard to say which is the most complicated factor of the two. The article I linked pits two different well-known weight loss systems against each other in an effort to find out which is the best one.

The advantages of losing weight are numerous, and that makes it a very competitive industry. It is unfortunate that the way things work that equates to a lot of lying and misinformation being thrown at you. This is probably the most important thing to take into account when making this decision. You’re on the internet, so do your research! Everyone should, but not everyone does.

Personally, I haven’t made up my mind yet. All I’m set on is trying something. I have been overweight for many years now, and if I don’t try to take this on soon I fear I may run into some permanent health issues. I don’t much like going to the doctor, much less having to take medicine everyday. Whatever I try it will probably restrict what I eat… it’s what has kept me from doing something for so long. That being said, I do know that the restrictions a doctor would impose would be so much worse. The lesser of two evils I suppose.