Last night my wife and I determined that I am very good at communicating my struggles, frustrations and concerns.

We also determined that I am not very good at communicating my successes, joys and thankfulness.

I’m working on it.  And today is as good as any to start.

I’m thankful for my job.  Especially many of the people I work with.  I got to meet with a group of them today and talk about how to improve our work environment.  I’m thankful that my superiors are supportive of my desire to take care of my family, too.  They encouraged me to go take care of my wife today.  Which leads me to…

I’m thankful for doctors.  Julie has been sick for a while now, but especially the last few days, so I told her I would go with her to get checked out.  Within minutes they diagnosed her with strep and wrote her a prescription for antibiotics.  I’m thankful we can afford to go to the doctor and to buy the medicine to make her healthy.

I’m thankful for the guy who rang me and Claire out at Qdoba.  I picked Claire up from preschool (so Julie wouldn’t have to) and we went on a Daddy-Daughter lunch date.  I told her I’d get her a cookie, but totally forgot to buy it.  “Oh shoot!” I said as he handed me back my card.  I told him I forgot to buy a cookie and started to hand my card back to him.  Instead, he grabbed a cookie and slid it to Claire, saying, “Make sure you don’t eat this first!”  Then he winked.  Free cookie!

I’m also thankful for our trustworthy mechanics.  My car started to have this horrible rattle a few days ago, so of course I figured the exhaust was shot or something.  On my way to pick-up Julie’s medicine, I stopped at Avenue Auto to have them give it a listen.  Instead, he put it on the hoist right away and fixed what was wrong (loose heat plate).  When I asked what I owed, he waved his hand and said, “Bah, it was just a screw.  Don’t worry about it.”  Free car repair!  (We’ve been going there forever and they’ve always been good to us.)

Now I’m at home, writing this while my wife is resting up in our comfy bed and my kids are at the kitchen table doing their homework and coloring.

I have a lot to be thankful for.  And I find that the more I look for the things in my life that I have to be thankful for, the more I see them.  Pretty genius, right?

So…what are YOU thankful for today?