Our new series at The Journey Community is called Follow Me and will be exploring what it looks like to really follow Jesus.

What does it mean to follow Jesus?  To really follow Him?

Today Pastor Steve shared the first message in our new series.  In Mark, we hear a story about two guys who “immediately” follow Jesus when He asks them to.  They left what they were doing, changed direction, and committed to a lifetime of really following Jesus.  They didn’t know exactly what would happen, of course, but they had an idea.

Steve said that “follow” is an abrasive word.  I agree with him.  We don’t like to be told what to do.  We equate our ability to make choices for ourselves with the amount of freedom we have, which is not always the case.  Often we need to follow someone for our own good, like a physical trainer.  If we want to lose weight and get in shape, we follow them, even when it’s hard, because we know the results will be good.

What is Jesus asking you to do that you don’t want to do?  Or, what is it He’s asking you to do that doesn’t come naturally?  Is he asking you to change your way of thinking about something?  Your perspective?

It’s important to ask ourselves if we’re just going with the flow of life or if Jesus is leading us?  If Jesus is leading me, I will be uncomfortable from time to time. Change, growth, progress…it’s usually uncomfortable.

It’s funny because Steve pointed out that the big things are easy; it’s the little things that are most difficult (usually).  If Jesus is asking me to move to a different country to share the gospel there, it’s exciting and new and adventurous.  We’re open to those things.  But, if He asks me to forgive someone close to me rather than hold a grudge, that’s not as glamorous.

One picture Steve gave us was that of following Jesus closely.  He told us about a time he climbed a mountain with our Jeff and on the way down, his goal was to follow exactly in Jeff’s footsteps.  Wherever Jeff stepped, Steve would step.  He said he really had to pay close attention and he had to be right behind him for it to work.  If he stopped and looked around or went his own way, suddenly Jeff would be far ahead.  It’s not a perfect parallel, but it gets the point across, I think.  If we want to follow Jesus closely, we need to be near Him.  We need to pay attention to where He is leading us and follow Him intentionally, with all of our effort.

What does following Jesus look like to you?  Feel free to answer any of the other questions posed in this post, too!

(I aso love this video!)