Our new series at The Journey Community is called Follow Me and will be exploring what it looks like to really follow Jesus.

What hinders us from following Jesus whole-heartedly?

Erik looked at Luke 9:23-27, 57-62 with us and we talked about what gets in the way.  There were two things that stuck out to me.  The first is fear.  Fear looks different to all of us, but is nonetheless real in all its forms.  For instance, Erik mentioned the fear that God isn’t going to come through.  We don’t follow Him whole-heartedly because we’re afraid He won’t provide.  Taking it even further, and I’ve admitted this before, sometimes I fear that if I follow Him whole-heartedly, bad things will start happening in my life.  And I’m afraid of that.  I’m afraid my faith won’t survive it sometimes.  Fear makes you do stupid things.

Erik also tackled the part about the guy who wanted to go bury his father first and the one who wanted to go say goodbye to his family before following Jesus.  Jesus’s response seems a bit extreme, but what was his point?  I don’t think it was literal.  Erik posited that it had more to do with the fact that we want to have everything in order before we do what God calls us to.  But, at the risk of putting words in His mouth, God is less concerned with me doing what He’s called me to do perfectly than He is with me doing it at all.  We can plan our entire lives, but at some point we just have to do what Jesus is asking us to do.

For instance, we’re familiar with the story of Peter walking to Jesus on the water.  Erik asked us, “What is your water?  What is God calling you to that you don’t feel prepared to do?”

Maybe it’s time to do it.

What stuck out to you from Erik’s message?  Listen here!